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International Businesses


Whether establishing a subsidiary, or simply sending a few key team members to expand into the US market, we ensure smooth passage by building your application to meet US immigration requirements.


US Corporations

Ensure your international employees are set up for success, whether they are joining you temporarily or relocating long-term.


Investors & Entrepreneurs


We have extensive experience in processes E-2 visas for investors and entrepreneurs. We will ensure you demonstrate a bona fide business investment with a substantial commitment, source of funds and the capacity for growth to meet all E-2 visa requirements.


We’ll help you to remove a bit of pressure from wedding planning with a fiancee visa, allowing you and your partner to be together sooner. We also reduce the risk of errors and delays in marriage visa applications.


For many foreign nationals naturalization is the end of a long journey. While the process might seem straightforward, there are many complexities that we help you to navigate.

Scientists, Artists & Entertainers


We help individuals with extraordinary talents work, travel and share their abilities within the US. Don’t forget the entourage — we’ll also help trainers, coaches and family members to travel with the professional.


Don’t let the complex process of immigration keep your family apart. Let us help you take the step toward reuniting your loved ones here in the US.

As much as I am highly involved with each case, I am an active member of the international business and immigration law communities as a frequent speaker for the American Immigration Lawyers Association.






Success in the numbers

With nearly two decades of experience, we’ve successfully processed more than 1,000 business visas, helped establish more than 50 start-up subsidiaries, and united more than 100 families with a success rate higher than 99 percent.

It’s complex, and we’re here to help


When setting up a business or seeking residency, US immigration is a foundational part of the planning process. The numerous agencies involved can be overwhelming — US Citizenship and Immigration Service, US Customs and Border Protection, US Embassies and Consulates worldwide, US Department of State in Washington, D.C., Department of Labor.


That’s why having a legal advocate matters most.


Caroline Taylor Immigration Law utilizes extensive experience to build immigration into transnational expansion plans, establishing the infrastructure for a company’s international growth from the ground up. We are passionate about guiding foreign companies toward reaching their dreams of US establishment, and we have the expertise to make that dream a reality.

Whether expanding operations in the US market, establishing a new company or hiring international employees, Caroline Taylor Immigration Law has the experience and specialized knowledge to guide your success.

Our business is all about ensuring yours succeeds

Immigration Services

At Caroline Taylor Immigration Law, we guide our clients through the immigration process. We build immigration policies into the blueprint of US expansion and corporate business plans.

Each individual case is treated uniquely, using experience and expertise to ensure its success in a subjective US immigration system. We represent corporations, small businesses, and individuals from across the globe:


Caroline Taylor

Opportunity. That has been a common denominator of my career. I feel I am one of the few lucky lawyers that get to create opportunities for my clients.

Caroline Taylor,

Immigration Attorney

125 Clairemont Avenue, Suite 330

Decatur, GA 30030 



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